2019 Feature Film - In Post Production

Crime Thriller/Drama

A young Japanese Canadian cellist finds a big bag of money and all the woes that go along with it.

THINGS I DO FOR MONEY is about Eli and Nick Yaguchi, two Japanese Canadian cello-playing brothers (played by real-life brothers Theodor and Maximilian Aoki) who inadvertently steal a bag of money from a lethal hitman and all the woes that go along with it. Through a confluence of events and massive bad luck, they also have to save their father’s life, steal an $8 million dollar painting and fight for their lives to get into a prestigious music conservatory. Along the way they find out that blood is indeed thicker than bullets and that family never bails on family, no matter the cost.


A Federgreen Entertainment/Filmcoop Inc./Ravenbanner/Urban Post Production

Directed by Warren P. Sonoda

Written by Gary Nolan & Warren P. Sonoda

Produced by Avi Federgreen, Emily Andrews, Laura Nordin, Jennifer Pogue