“Best Short Film” - Venice Film Festival

“Best Short Film” - The Grand Budapest Film Festival

festival sELECTIONS

Venice Film Festival (World Premiere), Venice Italy

Canadian Film Festival (Canadian Premiere), Toronto Canada

The Grand Budapest Film Festival, Budapest

case of the massey bodice ripping

2018 Short Film

16:30 min

Mystery Parody/Satire

The Massey Estate, 1932, one sex crime, six suspects - a whodunnit film ready to kill the rape trope once and for all.

Case of the Massey Bodice Ripping is a short film that, through satire, works to illuminate the overwhelmingly poor use of rape as a plot device in film and TV since, well since forever. Case of the Massey Bodice Ripping takes the classic murder mystery genre and turns it on its head. Inspired partly by one of Toronto's most infamous crimes; 'The Massey murder of 1915,' this historical satire re-imagines the notorious Massey family on their country estate in 1932 the night after Matriarch Helen Massey's daughter Lara has been raped. Enter Detective Tracey Halt, ready to expose sexual prejudice, catch a criminal, and serve justice for the long suffering female characters of media's 'period pieces.' As Tracey starts to uncover the identity of the sexual predator, the true crime of the assault begins to emerge - no one has listened to the survivor, the woman, the uncomfortable truth.


Directed by Karen Knox

Written by Dana Fradkin & Karen Knox

Produced by Emily Andrews, Jen Pogue, Mike Schram

Cinematography by Max F. Sims

Edited by Jane MacRae

Music by Erica Procunier & Milen Petzelt-Sorace

Starring Raoul Bhaneja, Benjamin Blais, Alli Chung, Gwenlyn Cumyn, Dana Fradkin, Michael Lamport, Jack Mosshammer, Maria Ricossa

Photography by Robin Cymbaly