bff poster.jpg


2019 Short Film

11 min 30 seconds

A Girls Only Horror Story

Nancy's back from the grave and she's just DYING to make some new friends!

It’s a stormy night in the suburbs in 1996. Eden, 16, has planned the perfect prank to terrorize her younger sister, Candis, and the new kid, Leslie. She tells them an urban legend about Nancy, a lonely girl who disappeared after being shut out of a party by a group of popular girls.

According to Eden, Nancy’s rotting corpse still roams the woods outside of town, desperately seeking a new group of girls to let her in and accept the other half of her Best Friends Forever necklace.

The evening takes a nightmarish turn after there is a phantom knock at the door. Looks like NANCY'S BACK and she's just DYING to make some new friends.  


Written and Directed by Emily Gagne & Josh Korngut

Produced by Emily Andrews, Laura Nordin, Jen Pogue

Cinematography by Jordan Oram

Edited by Heath Fashina

Music by Janal Bechthold

Starring Addison Holley, Katelyn Wells, Michelle Coburn, Nicole Samantha Huff, Jen Pogue