A single camera half-hour comedy following two Clown sisters, Morro and Jasp, who are trying desperately to get people to take them seriously. Trapped in a contractual obligation to a kids TV show called “Happy Hour”, Morro and Jasp are constantly conflicted by their desire to shed their “Clown-ness” and be normal, cool twentysomethings. 

Inspired by the successful “show within a show” format of The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Larry Sanders Show, The Muppets, 30 Rock, and Episodes, our show puts a new spin on a classic format by purporting that the thing that makes the main characters successful on their kids TV show is also the thing makes their lives difficult. They cannot escape their red noses. 

Despite being in a city full of people, Morro and Jasp often feel alone and on the outside. While they strive to be unique individuals, Morro and Jasp can’t help but let their actions and decisions be motivated by the desire to be accepted. 

On and off the set, they struggle to challenge people’s biases against their kind, against women, and against those who dare to dream with their hearts on their sleeve. They venture on an endless string of schemes to set the world right, which mostly always end in disaster.