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“Best Romantic Comedy”, Discover Film Awards

“Award of Distinction”, Canada Shorts Film Festival

“Dazmo Camera First” Award, Lakeshorts Film Festival

Finalist “Filmatic” Screenplay Awards


HollyShorts Film Festival Los Angeles, CA

Discover Film Awards London, UKOrlando Film Festival Orlando, FL

Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival Palma de Mallorca, ES

Ojai Film Festival Ojai, CA

Lancaster International Short Film Festival Lancaster, PA

Hamilton Film Festival Hamilton, ON

Culver City Film Festival Los Angeles, CA

Santa Monica International Film Festival Santa Monica, CA

Lakeshorts Film Festival, Toronto, ON


2018 Short Film

14:50 minutes


A sex toy mishap leads to a night in the emergency room where a just broken-up couple are forced to confront their issues on love and relationships.


Mark (Kristopher Turner) and Natalie (Ruth Goodwin) break up while in the middle of having sex when Natalie realizes Mark won't commit to a relatonship and only wants to keep things perpetually casual. Before she can leave to never see him again, she realizes a sex toy they were using has become stuck inside of her. When atempts to retrieve the foreign object – a stainless steel but plug with a blue crystal base – fail, it becomes clear that, to their dismay, this date is not over yet.


Written & Directed by Corey Surge

Starring Kristopher Turner & Ruth Goodwin

Produced by Emily Andrews, Laura Nordin, Jen Pogue, Kristopher Turner

Cinematography by Benjamin Irwin

Production Design by Emilie Poulin & Mercedes Papalia

Edited by Shannon Albrink

Original Music by Naren Rauch