2019 Short Film - In Post Production


8 min

JOEY, angelic and beautiful has a big day ahead of her. It's her wedding day. However, now that the big day has arrived she finds herself unsure of what she wants. And it's not because of her philandering groom-please. She knew about that months ago. What she's unsure about is, is this what she really wants? Does she really know herself like she thinks she does? Is she where she wants to be in life and truly, in love? Life is absurd and it's about to get weirder as these thoughts become overwhelming sending her in to a catatonic daydream. Her friends a part of her subconscious, play a key role as we follow Joey on her soul quest of - well, you'll have to find out on this farcical irreverent journey.


Directed by Jessica Hinkson & Laura Nordin

Written by Jessica Hinkson

Cinematography by Gabriela Osio Vanden

Editing by Jessica Graore

Produced by Emily Andrews, Jen Pogue

Executive Produced by Lauren Grant

Starring Lucie Guest, Jessica Huras, Katie Messina, Ronnie Rowe, Teagan Vincze, Daniel Stolfi, Emily Andrews, Jen Pogue, Rakhee Morzaria