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Toronto ACTRA Women’s Committee Toolkit 4.0 - Winning Selection

Austin Revolution Nominee - “Best Director”, “Best Actor”, “Best Producer”, “Best World Short”


Toronto Shorts International Film Festival, Austin Revolution Film Festival, NSI Online Film Festival


2018 Short Film

14 min


Two radically different women spend all day together but rarely connect, until they ultimately change the course of each others' lives.

Trophy wife Julia harbors a dark lie beneath the surface of her first world problems as her full-time Filipina housekeeper Nita tries to keep it together when her son goes missing in a drug war back home. When Nita discovers her employer's secret, her next move sets both of them free.


Directed by Molly Flood

Written by Anna Hardwick

Produced by Emily Andrews, Laura Nordin, Jen Pogue, Yazmin Ali

Cinematography by Christine Buijs

Edited by Kat Webber & Anna Catley

Music by Janal Bechthold

Starring Anna Anna Hardwick & Caroline Mangosing