Heart Film Poster 2.jpg


2018 Short Film


On a day filled with great news a couple waits for the perfect moment to celebrate.

Monica and Kevin are a happily married couple dreaming of building a family together, but Kevin has been out of work and their finances are strained.  Monica finds out that she’s pregnant with their first child.  While she’s day dreaming about what their family might look like she doesn’t know how they’ll manage if Kevin is out of work.  Karma intervenes.  After yet another day of interviews Kevin comes home with just the news that Monica needs to hear.  After being unemployed for over a year Kevin has finally landed his dream job! They plan a quiet celebration at their favorite Italian restaurant.  Monica leaves the room to get herself ready.  Kevin enjoys a moment to himself, playing guitar and singing.  When Monica comes back into the living room her whole world unravels.


Directed by: Julie Brar

CAST: Grace Lynn Kung & Jordan Kanner

PRODUCED by: Emily Andrews & Laura Nordin

CINEMATOGRAPHY by: Blake Hannahson 

FILM EDITING by: Jessica Graore & Kat Webber 
ORIGINAL MUSIC by: Janal Bechthold 
STILL PHOTOGRAPHY by: Shawn Goldberg